ooc; headcanon meme

this meme, just to start things off. under the cut. i’m only doing part of it at this point- the rest i will do later.

Section 1: The Basics

1a. What is your character’s full name?

Zophiel. In some writings, mistakenly identified as Zaphkiel.

1b. Was it their parents that named them that? If not, who? 

It was presumably God who gave Zophiel their name, though how angels come to be named is ambiguous.

1c.Is there a special meaning behind the name?

It means “spy of God” in Hebrew, though Zophiel has not lived up to that name.

2a. How old are they now? 

Somewhere in the low billions of years at this point.

2b. When were they born? 

Around the same time as many of the other angels; at approximately the time of the beginning of life on Earth.

2c. Where were they born?

In Heaven.

3a. What’s their race? Human, vampire, furry? Hybrid of some sort?

Zophiel is an angel.

4a. Where do they stand on the social pyramid? (e.i.: Royalty, middle class, living in poverty, etc.) 

They were once a very high ranking angel, almost to be considered royalty, but on Earth they’re not much of anything.

Section 2: Lifestyle 

1a. Do they have a/n job/occupation? What is it?

They’re unemployed at the moment.

1b. What motivates them to keep doing this job?


1c. What job would they rather have?

They’d much rather be doing their previous job as a Seraph in Heaven, serving Michael.

2a. What are their religious views?

As an angel of Judeo-Christian lore, naturally Zophiel believes in the basics of that.

3a. What have they accomplished? When?

They accomplished many victories in battle at Michael’s side. They also managed to survive not one, but two civil wars in Heaven, which is an accomplishment.

4a. Are they apart of any organizations? 

Not anymore.

5a. What do they do in their free time?

They’re fond of reading, as well as occasionally watching television. They like to spend hours sitting on park benches or restaurant patio tables and watching humanity.

Section 3: Psychology

1a. Describe their basic personality. 

They’re rather emotionally repressed; emotion is not an admirable quality in angels, so they’ve learned to keep their emotions hidden. They’re calm and stoic in near all situations, and it takes a lot to break past Zophiel’s mask. There is emotion in there, but billions of years of repressing it has kept it far from the surface.

Has some self-worth issues and has a tendency to blame themselves for things out of their control, but yet again, this is left to stew far from the surface. Were Zophiel’s emotions of this nature ever to come out, it would be a spectacular breakdown.

2a. What part of their personality really stands out? If any part?

The aforementioned freakish stoicism- and the fact that the one thing that makes any cracks in that mask is mention of Michael.

3a. How do they view life? Are they an optimist? Pessimist? Realist? Idealist?

They’d call themselves a realist. They look at situations as the facts are and make judgments based on that… at least, that’s what they would say. They tend to lean more towards being pessimistic.

4a. When it comes to making a tough decision, do they rely on thought or feeling? Faith or fact?

Having to make decisions for themselves is a foreign concept to them, so despite the fact that they pride themselves in being cool in the face of peril, they often end up being impulsive in their decisions and going on the immediate feeling. As for faith versus fact… blind faith is a quality all angels are expected to have, Zophiel included.

5a. Do they have a sense of humor?

Somewhat. They’re rather witty, though they’re not one to make actual jokes- more well-timed snide remarks.

6a. What motivates them to keep moving?

The thought of being able to return to Heaven and free Michael eventually- as well as a vague desire to simply live. They don’t want to die, so they live.

7a. What do they desire from life?

A sense of purpose, which they now feel to be lacking.

8a. What are they afraid of?

Dying, losing their family permanently, and fully Falling and becoming human.

The latter more than the two former.

9a. Are they superstitious about anything?


10a. What secrets do they keep, if any?

Living on Earth as they are, they’re keeping their angelic identity a secret.

10b. How well are these secrets kept?

Fairly well- no one as of yet as figured out they’re an angel without being told.